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  • How to Bleed Your Furnace
  • Do you offer payment terms?
    Yes we have a budget plan.  The budget plan has open enrollment from May till July of each year. Download the application and email it to [email protected], fax it to 570-837-5902, or mail it to us.
  • Are their ways to get help to pay for my oil?
    Yes. Please visit the LIHEAP website for Pennsylvania to apply.
  • Do you service A/C units too?
    Yes! Call today for a free quote and to schedule service.
  • I just received a delivery and my furnace will not start what is wrong?
    If you ran out of oil your system needs bled. Call one of our customer service reps who can walk you through how to bleed your furnace or ask for a service call and one of our technicians will be dispatched right away.
  • How long will my oil last?
    Most systems only use 1-2 gallons per day just for hot water and 5-7 gallons per day for hot water and heat.
  • How much oil do I have left?
    See this convenient chart.
  • Do get a discount if I order more oil at one time?
    YES! Call for quantity discounts.
  • How long does it take to get a delivery?
    Often times same day - most times next day.
  • What is your minimum delivery?
    100 gallons with NO EXTRA CHARGE! No Fees at Affordable the price we quote is the price you get - call if you have special circumstances we will try our best to work with you.